Cathy Kentner for Lakewood City Council – Ward 1

Cathy Kentner

An Independent, Responsive Proven Leader

Dear Friends and Neighbors

Too often your voice isn’t heard, respected, or valued. As your Ward 1 City Councilor I will be the independent voice for the people, bringing your concerns to the table. Collectively we can ensure we have the infrastructure, public safety, security and natural environment necessary to preserve and improve our great city.

Lakewood’s identity is that of a wholesome, inclusive suburban community where diverse families can thrive and survive. That identity must be protected from the overreach of city government and special interests that comes at the expense of working families and those on fixed incomes.

As a responsive community leader, your vision of Lakewood’s future is my vision. I will listen to your concerns and ideas. Together we can find innovative, viable solutions to address future needs in order to solve current problems with visionary legislation and action.

As a Ward 1 teacher, parent, planning commissioner, water and sanitation district board member,  and community activist for more than a decade, I have the experience, knowledge, background and expertise to independently represent our tight-knit community.

I am asking for your support to represent our neighborhoods now and in the coming years.

“Your vision of Lakewood’s future is my vision”


Your Donations are greatly appreciated. Cathy has worked tirelessly and genuinely from the heart to protect our neighborhood from rapid overgrowth and strain on community resources, often being the focus of attacks from deep-pocketed, out-of-state developers who are only concerned with getting richer. Your help makes a big difference.