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Lakewood City Council Candidate Forum

2021 Lakewood City Council Candidate Forum

Equity for Ward 1

Ward 1, whose neighborhood roots go deeper than any other, remains under-served: We lack equity in parks, cultural facilities and open space; in economic development as well as redevelopment and infrastructure. As Lakewood continues to grow, we need expertise, experience and knowledge to address our community concerns through legislation that prioritizes people and the unique needs of Ward 1.

Parks and Open Space

Cathy will lobby for Ward 1’s fair share of park acreage, cultural amenities, pools, multi-use paths, playgrounds, rec centers and Open Space. As Lakewood becomes more dense we must also increase our parks and open space. We should take advantage of dwindling available parcels to set them aside as amenities for our residents now and in the future.

Economic Development – West Colfax

For Colfax to achieve the community’s vision as stated in the 20/40 Plan requires innovative zoning for the avenues that deliver traffic to Colfax, such as Union/Simms and Kipling. Cathy will stand up for the vibrant, exciting multi-use spaces, innovative open space and emphasize the historical character of Colfax that make for a healthy, thriving community.

Economic Development – Federal Center

Environmental concerns at the Federal Center make development risky for the health of our physical and natural environment. If the Federal government plans to turn this parcel over to private developers, then the city should require exhaustive environmental studies and if development occurs it should be limited to non-residential uses that mitigate the possible lingering contamination.

Environmental Sustainability

Lakewood is leading the way in sustainability with our Sustainable Neighborhoods program and our recently adopted Enhanced Development Menu which requires eco-friendly features in new development. But we can do more, taking bold and innovative steps as new technology develops.

Public Safety

Citizen surveys reveal the community’s top priority is crime prevention. Cathy shares that priority and will work to ensure that public safety remains in the forefront of every decision Council makes. In the rapidly evolving world of law enforcement, our city must not only monitor and adapt to legislative mandates addressing police issues, we must also continue to ensure the high level of integrity Lakewood Police agents have demonstrated for decades.

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