Endorsements & Testimonials


Rhonda Peters, member, Lakewood Planning Commission

Alan Heald, chair, Lakewood Planning Commission

Anita Springsteen, city councilor ward 3

Charley Able, city councilor ward 1

Pete Roybal, former city councilor ward 3

More details on Cathy’s supporters, and the special interest endorsements of her opponent, can be found on the City of Lakewood website


I am 100 percent with Cathy. She speaks the truth and is with and about the people.

Ward 1 Resident

I have found Cathy to be a very solid person… a person of integrity and someone who cares a LOT about others… even to the extent of her own detriment in some ways.  She works extremely hard on projects that help people and she is just a wonderful person.

Roger – Ward 4 Resident
Heidi – Ward 4 Resident
Brian – Ward 1 Resident

Thanks to Cathy, we’re light years ahead of where we were just three years ago – She knows our community and our neighborhoods and believes in maintaining a balance that keeps the community’s vision intact.  Cathy is the perfect person to represent the residents of Ward 1 in Lakewood City Council.

Resident – Ward 1

I’m supporting Cathy and I’m looking forward to working with her and serving with her…She’s studious… she really gets down into the weeds on some of this stuff and studies the details and really understands before she even takes a position… she knows what she’s talking about. This is the kind of person you want on council.

Mike Bieda

Cathy has a strong character and a strong voice. She does not back down when it comes to supporting the people.  We need Cathy on Lakewood’s City Council.

Ramey Johnson

Ward 1 Mailer – Includes Details on Issues

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